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    techwork Outlook Mail Integration Pack for Service Desk Express (OMIP)

      OMIP makes it very simple to add emails without the need to search for reference numbers.

      Emails are forwarded to the BMC SDE system via drag'n'drop.

      What is usually a cumbersome task is now a one-click-and-drag operation.

      Your customers will love it because they won't have to worry about reference numbers

      Your admins will love it because it makes their job just a little bit easier.


      Main Benefits For Your Organization

      - Increase Staff Efficiency

      - Reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair

      - Higher Documentation Quality



      - Role-Based Views (assigned to me, group, all)

      - Status Filters

      - Add Mails to any Incident, Problem, etc. via Drag'n'Drop

      - Real Time Updated Incidents, Problems, etc.

      - New Emails Added From Outlook With A Simple Double Click



      Easy Installation that only takes two minutes.

      Plugs right into your outlook client.

      No system reboot required.

      Simply add SDE Mailbox Address and Server Information.



      System Requirements

      - BMC Service Desk Express

      - MS Office 2007 or newer


      More Information - Questions

      Just drop us an email at office(at)techwork.at and we might just get back to you.