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    "Owned By" or "Supported By" relationships for Assets

    David Rough

      I'm planning to import around 700 ApplicationSystem CI's. I would like create ITSM relationships for each of the CI's  - the type of relationship being the kind that is created when opening the ApplicationSystem CI though the AM form and going to the People tab and creating an "Owned By" or "Supported By" relationship for a support group.
      I understand after logging a support call that these types of relationships are not CMDB relationships and are in fact ITSM relationships and cannot be created using AIE and custom workflow may be able to be used.


      Any advice on ow to go about this?

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          I have looked high and low and can't find any info on creating the people relationship at the time of importing the data.  The only method that may help you is to use the Manage Bulk Updates feature available on the Asset Management Console.  I will continue to search for any additional information on creating the relationship on import.  The relationship is stored in the AST:AssetPeople form.

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            Can you send me this code or documentaion on how bulk update Assets to Company with 'Used by' relation.

            Is this available in 7.6

            I know in 7.6 there is a link to bulk update Assets to relate it to People with Used by relation.

            I did not see anything to related to Company or organization level.

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              You can use AIE to create an AR System form mapping to the AST:AssetPeople form.

              Turn on logging and create a relationship manually through the AST form and look for the workflow which pushes to the AST:AssetPeople form. This will give you an idea of what fields and values you need to map in AIE.




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                Andrej Kajzer



                Anythjing new in version 7.6.04 to automate this functionality and create "used by" relation in asset and relations in CMDB?



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                  Sue Bergstrand

                  We're not yet on 7.6.04, so I can't speak to what changes in this there may be in that version.


                  We've done this through a custom form that we use update attributes on an existing CI. I strongly recommend that you run logs while manually adding a Supported By relationship of the type you'll be using so you know what goes in all the fields on AST:AssetPeople -- some of the fields are hidden, so you don't see them looking at the form, but adding the relationship will fail without them. You'll need some kind of custom background form to hold all the fields you need to look up for Computer System, People, Support Group, or Organization (various Request ID (1), instance Id, Reconciliation Identity...) BMC does that on the dialog form for creating the Supported by/Used by, etc. relationships, but you won't be able to use their Active Links; you'll need to build filters for the automation side.


                  Also be careful of the field names -- the AST:AssetPeople form has a field 'Asset Instance ID' to identify the computer system -- but the workflow looks up the 'Reconciliation Identity' to stuff in there -- so the CI has to already have been reconciled into the BMC.ASSET dataset and have its final Reconciliation Identity in place before you can build its relationship to AST:AssetPeople. There's a field called 'IndividualOrGroup' that defines whether the relationship is for a person, a support group, or an organization, so you can create any of those relationships, but you'll be doing  your lookups of identifying information on different forms for each type. Log files run while manually creating the different types will guide you through what you need for each type.

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                    You have to create a custom form with workflow to create the AST:AssetPeople relationships...


                    You are going to need to know the the following for the AST:AssetPeople Form


                    Asset ID = (12345) Optional

                    Login ID - (Demo) Optional

                    Contact Company = Optional

                    Organization = Optional

                    Department = Optional

                    Status = (New) Required

                    Asset Instance ID = (Reconciliation ID) Required

                    PeopleGroup Form Entry ID = (PPL000000001)  Required

                    Request Type = (People,etc) Required

                    Person Role = (Used by, Owned by...etc) Required

                    AssetClassID = (BMC_COMPUTERSYSTEM, BMC_MONITOR...etc) Required

                    Asset Entry ID = (Asset Entry ID) Required


                    I created a staging form that has a filter guide to look up the required information in both CTM:People and BaseElement.  It then creates an AST:AssetPeople form record as part of the Filter guide.  I have AIE load data to the Staging form after the assets are created via AIE and reconciled via the recon engine.  The asset needs to have a reconciliation ID before you can create any relationships. Also a BMC_PERSON record needs to exist for the person or you can't create a People Relationship.

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