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    Is it possible to mirror a repeater?

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      Hi everybody!


      Everything stands in the title.


      I would like to provide content to a master, and this content comes from several masters. As a mirror can't replicate from more than one master, I wonder if it's possible to set a repeater to replicate from the different masters (it's a builtin behaviour), and to set a miror to replicate from this repeater? So this would allow endPoints to access directly the mirror to get their channels.


      If this solution is impossible, have you any idea of how this could be achieved (and automatic of course!) with very few devs?





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          What is the number of Masters you need to replicate to one...

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            ...If you cannot integrate the master sets to a single master then the next best option would be to use a script that would trigger Channel Copier commandline to replicate the content of the master set to a single master...

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              Young So

              I would say No.  There is chance to do this with replication permission but, not from repeater to mirror isn't code that way.  You can do copy of the workspace, but not using replication rules.  Channel copy won't work from a repeater has source.


              If you want to still know how to do it.  Let me know...  We can do offline discussion so, I could understand your need better.

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                You are correct. The mirror was never designed for this desired architecture. Would you mind explaining the use case? particularly why you are looking at this architecture?



                You can essentially achieve the same functionality by using the standard good practice

                1) replacing your mirror with a repeater

                2) either repeat all of TX1 and TX2; or selectively choose your channels

                3) create a repeater policy that specifies that endpoints in this location should contact this repeater for its channels; the repeater policy supports direction based on subnets, round robin, geo and even custom(requires java coding)


                If you absolutely need your stated architecture then as Adil pointed out; you will need to use an external coordinated process that copies your channels from TX1 and TX2 to a single Master TX and then is replicated to a mirror at your desired location.

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