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    Issue with email notification in ITSM 7.0 patch 009

    KiranSingh Rajput Kishore



      We are facing an issue with the notify action of an Escalation. We have mentioned User Name as $Assigned Group$. Separate mails are getting triggered to all the members of the group. But for some groups only the Group Name is coming in “To” field in the email and hence emails are not getting triggered.


      As an example, suppose we have two support groups with associated members as follows

      1. Support Group 1 with two Members as Member1 and Member2 
      2. Support Group 2 with two Members as Member3 and Member4


      Now the escalation triggers an email to Support Group 1 with “To” field as Member1 and Member2 à(Working Fine)

      However the escalation triggers an email to Support Group 2 with “To” field as Support Group 2 à (Emails are not received)


      Please assist us.



      Kiran Singh.