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    Jive Knowledge Base

    Olivier Segers

      Hi all, do we have any experience in integrating 'Jive Knowledge Base' to Remedy OnDemand ?

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          Matt Laurenceau

          Hi Olivier.


          your request fell thru the net.

          Chris may have some experience or ideas.


          Anthony also: https://communities.bmc.com/communities/people/aszpak


          What kind of integration are you thinking about, what Use Case ?

          1. ROD-powered Knowledge Articles to appear within Jive User Interface ? (customization, can be achieved with portlets)
          2. SRM / RKM to also search within Jive platform ? (needs small customization to launch URL in context)
          3. ROD to index Jive-hosted content ? (useless since it's already indexed)
          4. Pasting Jive content (including streaming videos) in a Knowledge Article ? (neat should you want to manage lifecyle of this KA)
          5. Other?


          Message was edited by Matt : fixed typos (thx Anirban), added comment about Streaming Videos + lifecycle

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            Christopher Grassi

            Hi Oliver,


            Integration could be achieved but I think the key is in the use case behind this need.  If you weren't using SRM I could see Jive being very valuable if you were to have the discussions that come in as questions raise a request in ITSM.  You could also put links into Jive Documents to open up the Remedy Mid -Tier applications.  Another idea could be to integrate jive discussions with the work info records on the notes.


            With the RoD solution there are a many different ways to approach integrations.  The most popular and supported is via webservices.


            Jive is also a very large offereing so I am curious as to what parts you are looking to leverage?




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              Matt Laurenceau

              Thanks Chris for this prompt feedback!





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                Can we push out the case number, problem, and solution for public cases from AR System 7.6.04 to our Jive community so they can be found in line with our forum posts and documentation.  I didn't see that specific use case covered above.  Is that possible, and if so what is the best method? Any advice would be appreciated.