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    could i change the ipadress or hostname in the license.raw field


      hi everyone,


      the next week i need to apply the license for the customer,today i got the license.raw by the "getlic" command. but the file include the ipadress and hostname. the ipadress and hostname is the Sensitive information for this customer,so they did't allowed me to use the license.raw file which include the hostname or ipadress.


      i want to know,could i change the ipadress or hostname in the file such as:

         2    23423FEW    3    234DE445    12   567GG64    4    123D333E3    6    33D445GG


      when i get the license.dat file,i change back the really ipadress or hostname. if i do as this,whether the license

      Will generate an error or become invalid?