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    Task Notification

      Hi Guys,

                     When I create a task, it is sending 2 mails of assignment(same one). Can anybody assist me for the same? Thanks in advance.

      I am using Remedy 7.1 and ITSM 7.0


      Paresh Deshpande

        • 1. Task Notification

          What does the notification event say for both these emails? You can find it on the Notification Audits of the task itself.

          • 2. Task Notification

            I guess out of the 2 notifications, one may corresponds to an Individual and other one to a Group.

            However, it can be nail down by looking at the Notification Event in the Notification Audits (as suggested by Anusha) along with the body content of notification message.

            • 3. Re: Task Notification

              Notifications audits is the best way to determine which notifications were sent to whom. Still, If all the basics are in place then you might want to check if notifications are active for multiple locales in ITSM. check the forms


              NTE:CFG Notification Events

              NTE:SYS Define NT Events

              SYS:Notification Messages


              you can also use the NTE:Notifier Log form to get more information about the notifications which were sent out.