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    Risk Level Field in CM 7.6.04

      Hi folks,


      I have a customer that is using the classic view (CHG:Infrastructure Change Classic) of the change management form.  They want the Risk Level field to only be populated by answering the risk survey questions.  To facilitate this requirement the Risk Level field (1000000180) is to be set to a value of $NULL$ and to read-only thereby forcing users to populate it through the risk survey questions.


      As a test I have created an active link as follows:


      Primary Form: CHG:Infrastructure Change Classic

      Execute On: Display, Window Load

      Execution Order: 950

      Run If: $OPERATION$ = "Create"


      Action 1 - Set Fields

      Field: Risk Level

      Value: $NULL$


      Action 2 - Change Field

      Field: Risk Level

      Field Access: Read-Only


      Action 3 - Message

      Type: Note

      Text: This is a test.


      On testing the above active link I open a new change in Classic view.  I get the field is getting set to $NULL$ (Action 1), the message is being displayed (Action 3), but the field is not getting set to read-only (Action 2).  I am using Firefox 3.6.14 by default but also tried this on IE8 with the same results. I even tried changing the Change Field/Field Access to Disabled instead of Read-Only but that didn't work either.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


      Amyn Visram

      Email: avisram@halvis.com