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    BSM ITSM Capacity Requirements IOPS I/O per second and disk read/write optimization?

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      Can anyone provide baseline numbers or input for calculating capacity requirements for BSM ITSM IOPS and read/write ratios for the Service Support applications?


      I've run across these posts, but don't see information regarding calculating the IOPS. I understand we can use VMWare's IoMeter utility to get the average operations and read/write numbers for VM's.


      Disk IO threshholds Part 1:



      Disk IO threshhoads Part 2:



      Transactions per second Question:



      Calculating ARS Database Resources IOPS Question:



      The following baselines would be useful for small, medium and large AR System ITSM implementations.


      AR System Database with Full ITSM Suite

           IOPS = How many? (operations per second) (estimated 94 IOPS for 2,500 userload)

           Read/Write Optimized


      BOEXI CMS Reporting Database

           IOPS = How many?  (operations per second) (estimated 4 IOPS)

           Read Optimized


      Transaction logs for AR System and BOEXI CMS database transaction log files

           IOPS = How many?  (operations per second)

           Write Optimized


      We plan to collect this from the customers exisiting system, but would like to find out if anyone has collected this data on 7.6.04 ITSM suite.


      This is an excellent article referring to IOPS



      Thanks in advance,