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    How to report on the machines that did not recieve a Patch Analysis

    Steven Wyns



      Within our organisation we have multiple teams who are end-to-end responsible for their servers. They are the only persons who are allowed to launch anything (Deployment of Software,Patch analysis, compliancy,...)  against the machines. This means the launch their own patch analysis jobs.


      We've created reports in BSARA that show a trend of the patch policy compliance percentage for each responsible team. A drill down per policy in this report shows a report with the responsible team, server, policy run time, % policy compliance and the number of missing patches. A drill down in this report shows the details about the installed and missing patches.


      In fact this covers all the functional needs for servers that have ran the analysis job. The problem I have is with machines that did not run the analysis. These machines do not appear in the report and therefore these are not counted in the statistics.


      Is there a way to show servers that did not run the analysis? It's no big problem if this is a seperate report


      Has anyone created such a report?