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    Regular Expression (Regex) AR API Filter Plug-in (v4.1)

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      In Remedy, we often have difficulties when we want to validate user input, replace and split a string based on certain pattern, or even extract token from a string that matches a pattern. For instance, we often want to validate whether an email address is typed correctly, or whether a phone number is comply with our specific format. When we want to validate user input, we must create some filters to parse user input and check it against our desired rules. Unfortunately, that is not an easy task. Building complicated validation using Remedy filter is tedious and complicated task.


      The things get even more complicated when, say, we want to process an incoming email in Remedy. Have you ever imagine how to split email subject based on colon character or how to get phone numbers that are buried somewhere inside the email body?


      Actually, there is a technique that simplifies those activities. That is using regular expression. Unfortunately, there is no built in regular expression functionality in Remedy.


      This API filter plug-in tries to address those problems. Using this filter plug-in, we can validate user input using regular expression, split a string based on certain separator, or extract token from a string.


      Version History

      Version 4.1

      • Counting occurrence of a pattern

      Version 4.0

      • Capturing groups

      Version 3.0.1

      • Small revisions in this documentation

      Version 3.0

      • String replacement

      Version 2.0

      • Split a string
      • Extract token from a string

      Version 1.0

      • String validation using regular expression



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