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    7.6.03 Content Migration Options

      I have a need to convert existing html, pdf and word docs into RKM.  I have done this in the past using a custom program in combination with RKMConvert.jar and in reading about the Article Conversion Tool I will have to use this same approach as this tool only accepts previous versions of RKM (XML files) as input.


      However, in considering another option, with Knowledge Sources I was able to setup a location for such files and it works great for pdf and word files but the html files aren't getting indexed (meaning I don't get any results when searching for words I know are in those files).  Is this as designed or do I need to setup the source in a particular way to get them to appear?


      Also, is there a list of supported file types that the index allows?  Also, in previous versions of RKM you can login to ssadmin to debug the indexes, what can I do to access/debug the index now?



      Alan Blake

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