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    Blackout by Parameter

    Rob Raphael

      I am wondering if anyone has been able to blackout parameters, not just the elements. I would like to use the portal interface to do this instead of PEM. Also does BEM have the capability to blackout by parameter?

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          Melody Locke

          You cannot schedule blackout periods for parameters. The element level is the lowest level to which a blackout period can apply.

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            Rob Raphael

            Melody, Thanks. But I guess I am looking for a strategy for Blackouts. I currently Blackout by parameter at PEM. I am trying to get away from vi the blackout file in PEM to make my adjustments. I was hoping that I could do this with Portal. Do you know if the PEM replacement(BEM) has the ability to blackout by parameter?

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              BEM provides a dynamic blackout policy that allows you to blackout at the event level. Is that what you're looking for?


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                Rob Raphael

                I am not sure what you mean by event level. But what I want to do is blackout , lets say processes, but allow thing like ping and os application classes to collect and alarm. Is that what BEM is capable of?

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                  I'm not that familiar with PEM, but I do know that the dynamic blackout policy included in BEM can use BMC PATROL Enterprise Manager PMEP (PATROL Message Enhancement Processor) files as source for the blackout policy. I'm not sure how that translates into PATROL events versus parameters though.

                  I'm attaching a chapter from the BMC Impact Solutions: General Administration guide (version 7.1.00) that describes the dynamic policies included with BEM. This chapter includes the information on the PMEP files.

                  If this chapter doesn't help, let us know and we'll find someone who's knowledgeable about both PEM and BEM.

                  Hope this helps!


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                    Unfortunately, as Melody mentions, you cannot blackout down to the Parameter level in the Portal (BIG pain in the butt).

                    Im not familiar with PEM, but with BEM/SIM, as Jamie mentions, you can black out individual 'events'.

                    To give some background on this, basically the way you would normally integrate the Portal to BEM, is to have it create an event per parameter state change (eg WARN to ALARM, or ALARM to OK, etc). Each event comes through with 'slots' filled similar to this:

                    Class: BMC Performance Manager Portal Parameter State Change
                    Host: hostname
                    Object Class: Windows 2003 | Data Storage | Logical Disks
                    Object: E:
                    Parameter: Available Space (%)
                    Severity: WARNING

                    Using timeframes, along with rules and DDA tables, (or the dynamic blackout policy with import-able DDE tables from CSV or PEMP files) in BEM, you can set up periods where these events are clasified as 'blackout'. During these periods, none of the normal rule processing will occur for what you have specified. This could be at a 'location' level, or a host, or a Class, or a Object Class, or down to an individual parameter.

                    Hope this helps.