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    i need to set a value in a blpackage = to the System Memory.

    Christopher Dale
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      hello All,


      Is there a way to query an endpoint within a blpackage to get the Physical Memory size ... when the target is a rscd Agent only..


      What i need to do is this


      1. get Physical Memory size.
      2. multiply the size by 1.5
      3. set the Pagefile to the total of step 2 in the registry
      4. reboot the server


      I know i can use nmem from a endpoint with nsh to get the MEMTOTAL but not sure how to do it when NSH is not on the Target.


      wmic could be used as an external command but i don't know how to pass the returned value to the Registry key i need to set in the Package.


      are there any target prameters i can access directly to retreve this Physical Memory total?



      any suggestions would be great...