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    Oracle DB Discovery without DB Credentials

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      Hi everyone,


      I had a question regarding the discovery of Oracle 11g and 10g databases.  We have a unix account that can log into our unix fleet and it seems to pull the Oracle database server software instance that does contain the Oracle DB name in it.  For example, Oracle Database Server database XXXX on XXXX.  Is this how ADDM discovers the DB name and creates a relationshiop between the DB instance and the server?  Does it not use the BMC_Database object to create a separate object and relationship?


      We are testing both Oracle and SQL server discovery, and the question I get is - do we need to run all of the queries in the pattern?  For MSSQL, it's not that big of a deal since it is just pulling database lists and not much else.  But for Oracle, I don't think our DBA's want to pull schema and other lower-level data.  If I comment out those queries or disable the pattern, is it possible to discovery the Oracle DBs (DB name and relationship only) without deploying credentials to each DB instance?


      I hope that made sense.  Thanks for your help.



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          Like all our patterns Mike the Oracle one is self documenting. If you click on the link in the SI or the PatternModule itself in ADDM it will take you to the online "Configipedia" documents and the entry here.


          What you are seeing in Oracle's case is the SID, because this is part of the command line and therefore can be discovered using the OS credentials.


          You can disable any of the deep database patterns if you wish, or simply don't provide credentials if you want the sipler but slightly less efficient route. But you would then be limited to the data that can be recovered using OS credentials and not through JDBC. Again each pattern is documented on Configipedia so you can make that judgement.


          Currently ADDM does not create an entity in the CMDB for the logical database (which would be BMC_Database) just the server itself (as BMC_SoftwareServer).


          Hope that helps.

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            A little update to this thread.


            As of ADDM 8.3 ADDM will create an entity in the CMDB for the logical database (BMC_Database) for Oracle RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE and MySQL RDBMS.

            In case of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server logical database(s) name(s) can be obtained without JDBC credentials.