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    Interview Questions

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      I will be posting the interview questions regarding Remedy,want to know what are the expectations of the answers



      1     What is the one thing that attracts you about Remedy


      2     What is Remedy


      3     What is the difference between PushField Action in active links and Filters


      4     What is DSO


      5     What is OLE Automation


      6     While implementing the workflow in webservices what will be the output


      7     What is GUID


      8     How to generate GUID


      9     I have created one Escalation but that is not firing, what are the steps we should take.One more thing is that the escalation is not visible in logs as well. What could be the reason


      10     The performance of the system is slow how would we trouble shoot it


      11     What is the most challenging thing you have done in Remedy



      For now this is it,Suggestions are invited for the best answers