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    In mid-tier (web), after a request has been submitted, how to put back in create mode, copying over some data from submitted form?

    Jeff R



      Question?  In mid-tier (on the web, not the user tool), after a request has been submitted, how can I put the form back in create mode to submit a new request AND push select data from previous submit request?  I have a form with requestID, GUID, short description, name, addresss, phone, blah blah blah.  The user types in the information and submits the request.  Now i want to create workflow, such that if the user wants to submit another request, the name, address, and phone fields will be auto-filled.  I have the GUID to reference the previous data, right.  So, if I could somehow refresh the URL to put it back in create (submit) mode and push certain fields based on the GUID from the previous submission to this new submission, perhaps that could work.  So, how may I put it back in create (submit) mode AND push fields that are tied to the previous GUID/RequestID?


      Thank you.