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    license type of none

      I have a licensing question around Asset Management,


      The example goes like this : If a customer has let’s say 100 Incident Management licenses and a small number let’s say 10 Asset Management licenses but they want all the Incident users to be able to modify unavailability records. The way that they can provide this functionality is that they could assign an Asset Admin profile to all Incident Users with a license type of NONE.


      So my question is, would they still be in compliance with the licenses that they originally have? Or do they need to by more Asset licenses?


      I would also be interested to understand:

      • •1. Why is there a license type of NONE, what was the rational around that (Incident, Change etc. don’t have that type).?
      • •2. Exactly what functions does this type of NONE enable (I can’t seem to find a definitive answer).



      Bottom line is for this example do they need a licence to update unavilability records?




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          Jon Hall

          Hi Peter,


          You'll find the root to the answer to this one in the BMC Remedy Service Desk user guide.



          You can manage configuration items even if your environment does not run BMC

          Remedy Asset Management. To manage configuration items, including creating and

          modifying CIs and managing inventory for bulk and non bulk CI's, you do not need

          a BMC Remedy Asset management license. However, if you are running BMC

          Remedy Asset Management, then you have access to additional functionality, as

          described in the BMC Remedy Asset Management User's Guide. To make use of this

          additional functionality, you will need either Asset Admin or User permissions and

          an AR System fixed or floating license.



          The license type value of "None" allows you to assign the appropriate permissions for working with CIs from the other components of the ITSM suite (such as Incident Management), without consuming an asset license.  You will of course need to have an asset license for using the specific licensed Asset Management features such as the financials and contracts features - there'll be an error if unlicensed users try to work with these.

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            Anne Brock

            Hi, Jon -


            I tested this out - set up a user with service desk access, Asset Admin/None permissions, and I was able to create a CI Unavailability record from Incident; I was also able to update and close it. I didn't try it with Asset User/None permissions.


            I don't know whether that was intended to work without an Asset write license or not.  Thoughts?


            Anne Brock

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              Jon Hall

              That's the expected behaviour in terms of licenses, yes.  It's the Asset specific add-on features which need the Asset license.



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                Thank You,