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    Delete old patches




      Does any one have implemented process document to delete old patches from Master tx and save some space on server?



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          Do you have the delete patches checked on the plugin ?  This will remove the patches as they fall off the shavlik list.   Now for patches that might have been published in error this might be another issue.  Also do you publish patches in total 100% or do you wait till they are published in a patch group this also saves space on your TX and only keeps the binary on the patch source server.

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            Young So

            I belive there is feature within patch managment that does this.  Call support, they could answer this petty fast.

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              Yes, the feature is available, but as John said, it is for the patches that are not supported by the vendor...


              Manual effort would be required if we need to delete the patches that have been published previously in the patch group and later were removed from it like:


              1. List the Marimba ID of the patches that are not contained in any of the Patch Groups.

              2. Delete these patches from the master transmitter.

              3. Remove their record from the inventory database.

              4. In case we dont want the patch to be available in the patch repository we need to delete the concerned patch folder on the Windows Patch Source server.