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  • 15. Re: Reporting a Server Value
    Bill Robinson

    You could try ‘Value1,Value2,Value3’…  or play around w/ how you take the snapshot (the whole eo or just parts of it).


    Or you might have to iterate through all your devices.

  • 16. Re: Reporting a Server Value
    Jason B

    Tried that, BL sticks all values in as Value1 as each part is considered a separate item, so value1 gives me all data, but each entry is on a separate line.


    It's just nasty, I will hack something together, but I'm not sure why the blcli has been written to export data in such a horrible fashion


    I tried Checksum,Size too - no data which suggests these values are indeed supposed to be the Names of the properties, it just doesn't work in the way I think it was intended.  I hope V8 is has a vastly improved blcli.


    Many thanks though,


  • 17. Re: Reporting a Server Value
    Jason B



    Looks like i am back to having to use Utility exportSnapshotRun specifying the template and server name to get the data for each asset in the snapshot.  I consider a 'snapshotrun' a run of the job across many assets so why thecli considers each asset with a run a separate run I've no idea and presents the next problem.


    What cli do I use to get a list of hosts included in a snapshotrun so I can iterate through them, running the above command to hopefully export the results of each asset.  There is a ServerNameFromID method so I assume that somewhere there is a means to determine what servers were included in a snapshot run ?


    Any ideas as nothing looks that obvious to me ?



  • 18. Re: Reporting a Server Value
    Jason B

    Hi, any ideas here ?


    How can I get the host names included in a snapshot run to use as a parameter to extract the results for each host within that run ?


    ie from the help;

    Utility exportSnapshotRun "/sampleJobGroup" "sampleJob" 2000006 "/tmpGrp" "tmp1" "server1" "C:/temp/sampleJobResult.csv" "CSV"



    So, i need to determine the host (be nice if you could just do a for each loop in the snapshot result for each host in it !).





  • 19. Re: Reporting a Server Value
    Bill Robinson

    blcli_execute SnapshotJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "/path/to/group" "job name"

    blcli_storeenv snapKey

    blcli_execute JobRun findLastRunKeyByJobKey ${snapKey}

    blcli_storeenv runKey

    blcli_execute JobRun jobRunKeyToJobRunId ${runKey}

    blcli_storeenv runId

    blcli_execute JobRun getServerTargetsForJobRunId ${runId}

    blcli_execute Utility listPrint

    blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject

    blcli_storeenv serverKeys


    for key in ${serverKeys}


    blcli_execute Server findByDBKey ${key}

    blcli_execute Server getName

    blcli_storeenv serverName



  • 20. Re: Reporting a Server Value
    Jason B

    That's all very well, and the method I have searched high and low for is;




    Sadly this does not exist;


    Command execution failed. com.bladelogic.cli.factory.CommandNotFoundException: Name space : JobRun has no commands by name : getServerTargetsForJobRunId


    listPrint is also not recognised. 


    I assume you are using BL 8.0 where as we are currently using  7.6.  The above commands are also not listed in the blcli help.


    I have also used Index and Search in the blcli help with key words Target and Server and see nothing that returns the list of host names targeted by a job.





  • 21. Re: Reporting a Server Value
    Bill Robinson

    look in the unreleased commands.  yes - the below are for 8.0.

  • 22. Reporting a Server Value
    Jason B



    Looked at these and generated the new html.






    Running this command


    blcli_execute Utility simpleExportSnapshotResults DBKey:SJobKey:172507-6 DBKey:SJobRunKey:1226783 "export.csv"


    With the args the help file asks (4th optional columns not specified) I get the following error;


    Command execution failed. com.bladelogic.cli.factory.CommandNotFoundException: Found command 'Utility.simpleExportSnapshotResults' but with mismatching arguments.


    This is somewhat confusing as it first says the "CommandNotFoundException., then says "Found command" but with missing arguments - which I have provided.


    I am using the performance commands so the unreleased commands are available and the correct arguments are provided.


    Can you clarify if this command works ?  there are no unreleased commands for determining the target hosts in a snapshoip job, so if this does not work it seems exporting the results of all snapshopts within a snapshot job run is impossible in 7.6


    Many thanks,



  • 23. Re: Reporting a Server Value
    Jason B

    Just to be clear, I have read this pdf, and I have generated the additional docs and provided the perameters asked for, yet the procedure call errors as per previous post.




    Is there a way to get the perameter the procedure is unhappy with ?  The error message is rather generic / unhelpful





  • 24. Reporting a Server Value
    Bill Robinson

    this should work:


    blcli_execute Utility simpleExportSnapshot "/path/to/group" "job name" /tmp/snap.csv ""


    (or c:\temp\snap.csv on windows)

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