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    Impact Explorer Max Concurrent Users

    Sherard Pulmano

      Has anyone seen any limitations on max concurrent users of Impact Explorer? What are some of the dependencies for limitations of users? memory, cell size, events, etc?




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          Frank Thomae

          Hi Sherad,


          there is no hard coded limit for the max number of concurrent users.


          The number mainly depends on the following factors:

          • the number of events in the cell
          • the number and the design of your event collectors (the more collectors you have and the more complex (dynamic) they are, the more the cell has to do)
          • the number of rules in the cell (-> use a dedicated display cell with more or less all standard rules (disabled)
          • the IX refresh rate
          • the power of the underlying cell hardware




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            Sherard Pulmano

            Thanks...I've also sent this same question to BMC support and here is the answer I received.


            See page 46:

            the cell is able to handle up to 20 BMC Impact Explorer connections; however,
            BMC recommends no more than 15 connections because of the increase in
            response time for user interactions


            With that said, the defaul is 50, and this is specified in the ias.properties file.  So if you wanted to change for example from 50 to 200.

            On the Impact Admin Server (IAS) system:

            1) Edit the  MCELL_HOME\server\conf\ias.properties file

            2) Change the 'com.BMC.sms.ixs.iasclient.threadManager.max_Pool_Size'

               from the default 50 to 200

            3) Stop/Start the IAS ( Impact Admin Server )