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    Moving the datastore



      I've run out of disk space on a test appliance, so I decided to add more diskspace.

      I did the following;

      shut down the tideway services

      moved the var/localdisk/ contents to the new drive mounted in a tmp folder.

      Remounted the new drive in the var/localdisk folder

      Started the tideway services


      Then I get either a model error or a security error.


      I have verified that the tideway user owns and is able to write to the new drive.


      Any tips?

        • 1. Moving the datastore

          Several items of vital config need to be updated on a datastore move and it can only be moved to certain locations.

          We would always advise contacting support directly if the datastore needs moving.

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            Could you be more specific?

            I'm not changing any paths or the data physical location from an appliance standpoint.

            I'm just moving the contents of $tideway$var/localdisk/ to a separate drive, then remounting that drive in the same place. The tideway services are shut down while I'm doing this.


            If I have to open a support ticket I'll do it tomorrow though this would seem to be a fairly straightforward configuration change if anything other than a simple data move.

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              I got it working.


              Here's what I did for those who are interested.


              Case: Ran out of space on the root filesystem of a test appliance with a single drive


              as root

              I installed a new drive and formatted it as ext3 with a temporary mountpoint /mnt/tmp

              chown -R tideway:tideway /mnt/tmp


              as tideway

              shut down the tideway services

              cd /usr/tideway/var/localdisk 

              mv data/ snapshots/ /mnt/tmp


              once the move is complete:


              as root

              unmount /mnt/tmp

              edit fstab add mountpoint /usr/tideway/var/localdisk

              mount the drive again(mount -a)


              reboot(not really necessary but I had to fix the network as well so I did)


              the tideway services should start normally.



              Please note: I did this on a copied version of my appliance in case anything went wrong. You should do the same

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                That is not the correct way of resolving the problem. Should you ever have to restore your system from a snapshot you will likely end up with an unusable system.


                As I said I strongly advise you and others to contact support.


                ADDM is an appliance not a general purpose server. If you try and change it's configuration in ways that it does not expect you will either cause it to fail straight away or more problematically at some point in the future. I don't want that to happen so please consider following my advice.

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                  I'll do that next time, the important thing for now is that the data is usable. I've started a consolidation run to another server just in case the server should bite the dust in the future. It saved me a lot of work



                  If there is a correct way for moving the database if there is no more diskspace it would be a welcome article in the documenation, along with the article for adding a second harddrive.

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                    The procedure is in the docs here.


                    My concern is for other side effects that you may have caused to your system.


                    I would advise others not to follow your procedure. It is actively dangerous to use the berkely db commands directly and not through the datastore system and doing so can cause very severe unrecoverable data corruption.

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                      Thank you