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    Searching in SRM

    Damon Renzulli

      We have a need to allow a user to search for other requests entered by other users. An example use case is: user A needs to be able to search for other requests that user B has submitted based on attributes of the request. Have anyone had any experience with this or any ideas how to incorporate that functionality into our environment? Many thanks in advance!

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          The only access, that I know of, that can be specifically configured for one user to access another user's requests is using the On Behalf Of feature.  An On Behalf Of definition can be created for User A to access on behalf of User B.  But it is designed for User A to submit Service Requests and view current Service Requests for User B.  User A would not be able to search for specific Service Requests.  I believe that only Service Request Coordinators and Administers would be able to do that, but they could search for requests for any user...not just a specific one.



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            Damon Renzulli

            Alright. So there is not a "SRM Search" form that we can allow all SRM users to have access to, that anyone is aware of? Another use case is I need to be able to see which requests have been submitted for Client A, B, and C, while my collegue is out on vacation.

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              You can, as an administrator see all requests through the SRM:Request form however this is not something you would want to allow all SRM users to see as you stated above. What is your fulfillment process? Do you use the Coordinator console as Steve mentioned? Using that console (with the correct permissions and access rights) will enable you to see all requests, their statuses, etc.

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                Damon Renzulli

                We are not planning on using the Coordinator console as we would have to give that to every associate in our business, which doesn't make sense to me.

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                  Well, if you want everyone in the company to see everyone else's requests you will certainly have to customize as the tool is designed to show personal requests and requests you are granted access to via the On-Behalf-Of feature. Generally only the fulfillment teams and admins should be able to see the whole shebang but there is always a business case that goes against the norm.


                  Three options:


                  1) Give access to SRM:Request. It's not exactly "user friendly" so you may consider creating an end user view, hiding some tabs and fields, would probably want workflow to prevent changing the status as well. Row level access would still apply so tenants would be seperated still.


                  2) Modify the open requests table qualification (and workflow) to show all open requests. Of course this would be messy if you have a large organization however you could add filters on the console if you wanted to help narrow it down.


                  3) Create a new form that searches SRM:Request and returns only the results you want the user to see. You could even create this as an SR (using an AIF of course) and hide the submit and cancel buttons so everything is in SRM...or you could just make it an entry point.




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                    Damon Renzulli

                    Thank you all. Based on these replies we are going to build some reports to provide the necessary data.