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    Make Remedy Website faster & TMART monitor

      My company's service desk provider uses Remedy as the ticketing system.  Many users in my company complain that it is extremely slow.  Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to make this faster?  Since my company does not own or manage the Remedy system itself it makes this difficult, however if you know of things we can do on our side, or to suggest to the vendor and have them check, that would be great.


      A few things I do know that I can share are 1) the website uses SSL, 2) it is accessed over the internet, and 3)  I believe its v7.0 based on opening the help link.  If there's other details you'd need, please ask and I can try to find out.



      Also in regard to performance monitoring, my company does own a number of BMC monitoring products including TM-ART, so I was wondering if anyone has any pre-canned or custom scripts for monitoring a Remedy web application that they could share?  I would think they'd be easy to come by since Remedy is a BMC product too.  At the very least we would then be able to quantify and benchmark the Remedy performance from our various locations.



        • 1. Make Remedy Website faster & TMART monitor

          Consider an upgrade of the Remedy-MidTier to version 7.5, or even better 7.6.03.

          BMC improved the speed significantly.

          You can test the speed by setting up an independant MidTier against your existing AR-Server for Testing.

          Beware to test intensively your application, if using the higher version midtier against an lower version AR-System.


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