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    Executing several approval phases on SRM 7.6

    Celso Alonso
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      I have a problem setting up approval phases on SRM 7.6


      In Approval Process Configuration (APR:SYS-Approval Definition), I have set up 2 different approval phases under the same approval process: Service Request - Level. All of them are enabled.


      Then I have configured Approval Mappings for individuals for each approval phase.

      But it seems this configuration is not correct because no approval is executed when I submt requests. My SRDs are marked as ApprovalType = Custom.


      After investigating, to make an approval work I have to configure one Approval Chain for process "Service Request - Level", but this works only with approval process not with approval phases.


      The goal is to execute different approval phases that guides the request status transitions, I don't need approval chains. Is it possible to make approval phases work on SRM without using Approval Chains?


      Remedy ARS Server 7.5 Patch 006
      ITSM Version 7.6 Patch 001
      SRM Version 7.6.00 patch 002

      Thanks and regards


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          Hi Celso,


          According to BMC support - Approval Chain is planned to be the new method for all applications (SRM + ITSM). I don't believe you can escape from it.


          Have you tried to set your SRD's approval to Person or Group and test to see if it works?


          I am currently having the same issue as you with Service Request - Level approvals, if I set my SRD to Person or Group, the approval will work, if I set it to custom and use Service Request - Level, it fails.


          I have an open issue with BMC support to determine why it is not working.


          Also, did you upgrade your SRM from 2.2? Our system has been upgraded from SRM 2.2 and this has been a very troublesome upgrade. I really wish I could have just done a fresh SRM 7.6 install.





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            Hi Celso,


            May my answer will help you. Why not you just create a filter that execute a run process to fire a new approval process? then just set the approval type = None.




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              Without me highjacking this thread, i to am currently upgrading from 2.2 to 7.6...absolute nightmare, errors everywhere...BMC are trying to help but i dont know if they can!

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                Celso Alonso



                Finally I got it.


                To answer your questions, my installation is new, I mean that I did not upgrade form verson 2.2. If I set approval to person or group, it works but it is not what I want.


                I tried to create a filter that fires a new approval process but it seems it does not work.


                This is what I did:


                1.- I want to have 4 different "approval phases" so I created 4 approval process with the same rules.


                2.- Then I created 1 phase for each process, and mapped approvers for each phase.


                3.- Then I created 4 different approval chains, each one of them executes one of the previous approval processes.


                With this configuration, it works as I pretended


                Regards and thanks for all your feedbacks


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