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    User Login Reporting?

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      Hi All,


      I need to create some kind of report to show the usage of the Remedy within my company...


      I am reaching out to anyone who has a method in place on how to do this...


      The normal Remedy "user" logs are just a nightmare to try and analyse therefore i am looking for any ideas on how i would do this...


      The report output would ideally be to capture the amount of login's by user...i can then build some kind of lookup based on the user location external from Remedy. I.e. How many users logged in from Europe etc


      Hope you understand and can help..



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          Jijil Gopalan



          You can make use of the option called server events which will track all the records.

          Goto AR System administration Console - > System -> General -> Server information -> Select Advanced tab in that you need to enable the option called "Cumulative Queue" under server statics session.

          Now goto to the server statics form where all the records will be captured according to your criteria you can enable the option called "Cumulative and individual Queue" option which will track each and every thing done by the user.

          By this way you can track all the necessary mentioned in your query.

          Note: This will make a load on your server so make use of it properly.