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    data migration manager 7.6 -> 8.0 failed

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      During using a Data Migration Manager to upgrade BD from 7.6 to 8.0 an error occurred.


      CHECK_SP_FROM_XML_RUN_IN_DB_99998,JavaCheckSPRunOKInDBTask,END,09/15/2010 16:00:47,Failed,"JavaCheckSPRunOKInDBTask FAILED with Action(JavaCheckSPRunOKInDBTask), error# (-1). See log for details. Begin details: TO VERSION8.0.0;# ERRORS2;;ERROR MESSAGES; <RestartableAction->PSIPV_REDUX_84999> not logged successful in the mig_task table; <#text->"

      CHECK_SP_FROM_XML_RUN_IN_DB_99998,JavaCheckSPRunOKInDBTask,BEGIN,09/15/2010 16:00:46,Success,JavaCheckSPRunOKInDBTask begins


      And of course Data Migration Manager failed.

      Maybe someone had the same problem?

      Any ideas how to manage with this?