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    Win2K8 R2 provisioning


      Hi guys,


      I am trying to provision a W2K8 R2 server with BladeLogic 7.6, and I'm running into a problem. I suppose that W2K8 R2 isn't a supported OS for 7.6, but I'm wondering whether nobody else tried it...


      My problem: provisioning works fine until the last steps. After OS installation the server reboots, and normally the administrator would log on automically to run the runonce and install the RSCD (at least that's what happens in W2K3 & W2K8 pre-R2). Here is where things go wrong: the server just sits there, at the ctrl+ald+del screen, waiting for someone to log on. When someone (with local admin rights) logs on, the runonce is executed and the RSCD is installed. Is there a way to push the auto-logon in R2 to install the RSCD automatically, just like with W2K3 provisioning? Is someone able to provision W2K8 R2 servers in 7.6 or is it just not possible?

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          What hotfix level of 7.6 are you running? We introduced formal support for 2k8 R2 with hotfix 212... Also, are you renaming the "Administrator" account as part of the provisioning job?

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            We are running And yes, I am renaming the local administrator account in the post-install script. I tried without renaming, but the same behaviour is occuring... It is strange that this only occurs with R2, pre-R2 (R1?) seems to work fine!

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              I've been able to provision 2k8 R2 in my test provisioning network OK, so something is amiss... Are you adding this machine to an AD domain when it's being provisioned? And if so, does said domain push any security policies down?

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                Don't join the domain until after the OS is down, unless you can have it join into a special OU.


                If you have it joining a special ou using unnattend customizations you won't be able to use the post-instal config script window.  If you have entries in there.  You'll have to create a package to join the doman and add it to your post install job, or something more creative.

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                  The account rename of the administrator account is a known problem I filed a long time ago... so that doesn't surprise me. However, if you're also seeing this when you don't rename the administrator account, I remain curious. I'm running a new 2k8 r2 prov job now as a test to check if my post provisioning batch job works or not. I'll try to post my results once that completes...


                  Update 7/7/2010 @ 11.24pm:

                  I went back and checked my PPBJ and confirmed that it ran against the provisioning target. So what I'm seeing in the lab is obviously different from what you're seeing. Which version of the RSCD agent are you installing into your 2k8 R2 target?