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    Creating an Incident using Oracle PL/SQL



      We've had BMC Remedy for a year. We've been using this for creating incidents manually. We currently have all our automated pl/sql jobs still setup to create incidents through our old system (Clarify).  For our old system, we have our pl/sql job setup to send an email to a specific email address with parameters filled up. We would like to migrate all our pl/sql jobs to start using Remedy in creating incidents. I would like to know if there's a way to create an incident through pl/sql. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.




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          Rahul Priyadarshy

          Hi Chneihl,


          If you want to create Incidents in Remedy apart from UI you can use Interface Create form.

          For Incident management BMC has supplied HPD:IncidentInterface_create form to do all the integration. If you want to Create Incidents from Email then for detail you go thru E-mail engine document. In this docuemnt its given how to craete tickets through E-mail.



          Rahul P

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            Nivedita Roy

            Hi ,


            As he has rightly said any creation of incidents apart from the user tool directly should be created through HPD:Interface Create form. Its better you create a staging form where you insert all the incidents directly from db.Run escalation to push data to HPD:Interface Create form which in turns create an incident in HPD:HelpDesk form. If you try to insert directly in HPD:HelpDesk form than it will lead to a problem as Incident ID is mandatory before saving an Incident which is generated from HPD:TicketNumber Generator form.






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              Thanks Rahul and Nivedita for your quick replies. Is there some setting up that I need to use the  HPD:Interface Create form if I were to use it through email? I've been searching through the discussions and it seems like a lot of them are using the  HPD:Interface Create form through email. Unfortunately, I coudn't find anything on how to set it up.You also mentioned, that I can insert the form directly from the DB, can you explain to me further how I can set this up? Again, thanks for all your help and forgive me if I ask to many questions.




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                Rahul Priyadarshy



                If you want to create a record from email then just refer email engine document. I am pasting the content of the document which says how to submit a request through email. Same you have to do in case of HPD : Interface Create form with some modification.


                To use the Submit action label in an incoming email



                Create a new email message in your mail tool.


                Address the email message to the incoming mailbox.


                To execute a submit action that creates an entry that contains the text “Printer not working” in the Short Description field of the HD Incident form, enter the following information in your email message to the email engine:

                Schema: HD Incident

                Server: polycarp

                Login: Francie Frontline




                Action: Submit

                !Submitter!: Francie Frontline

                !Short Description!: Printer not working


                The field name between the exclamation marks must exactly match the field name in the database and is case sensitive. As with a Query action, Submit actions can also use the field ID instead of the database field name. The following syntax will return the same results if the Short Description field ID equals 8:

                !8!: Printer not working

                You can add a comment before the exclamation mark used with field names as in the following example. The email engine will parse only the characters between the exclamation marks, for example, the field ID (8) of the Short Description field:

                Schema: HD Incident

                Server: polycarp

                Login: Francie Frontline




                Action: Submit

                What is the problem!8!: Printer not working

                128 Administering BMC Remedy Email Engine

                BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.1.00

                Who is submitting!2!: Francie Frontline

                If the value for the field is more than one line, then enclose it between


                [$$ and $$].

                For example, if you have a longer value for the Short Description, it could be sent

                to the email engine as:

                ! Short Description!: [$$This is a longer description

                which spans multiple lines, so

                use this syntax.$$]

                The email engine will correctly parse the syntax when the email is submitted.



                Send your email.

                If you successfully submitted your email, the email returned will look something

                like this:

                Instruction 1 has successfully created a new record with Request ID :


                If the incoming mailbox is configured to Reply With Entry, then all the fields of the

                newly created entry will be returned to the sender. (For more information about

                this configuration option, see “Advanced incoming mailbox configuration” on

                page 50.)

                If the entry cannot be created, the email engine will return an error message (as

                shown in Figure 5-5) that indicates missing parameters. Make sure your incoming

                email includes all required fields, for example, Submitter.


                Hope this will help a bit.



                Rahul P

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                  For submitting to the incident create form (HPD:IncidentInterface_Create) what are the required fields?



                  Chad Wilhelm

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                    Mahesh Vavilala

                    You need to provide input for the following fields on HPD:IncidentInterface_Create.


                    1. Login ID
                    2. Reported Source
                    3. Impact
                    4. Urgency
                    5. Description
                    6. z1DAction = "CREATE"
                    7. Support Compant
                    8. Support Organization
                    9. Support Group


                    If you are creating a staging form, I wouldn't recommend creating an Escalation unless you delete the records from that staging form on a periodic basis. Escalations run on every record and depending upon the volume might affect system performance.