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    Can't access host :No authorization to access host


      When carrying out the following query: agentinfo %servername%


      The following error message is obtained:

      Can't access host "server name": No authorization to access host


      I have tried the following:


      -Uninstall\reinstall of agent

      -server reboot


      The contents of the exports file are as follows:

      #  Copyright (c) 2001-2009 BladeLogic, Inc.
      #       -- All Rights Reserved --
      #  This file is read by the "rscd" to determine permissions for the given host.
      # Please read the BladeLogicAdministration.pdf or "exports" man page for details
      # on how to use this file.
      *   rw, user=nexusiis
      *   rw, user=nexusiis


      The nexusiis account is a local account which is a member of the local administrators group.


      Many thanks in advance

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