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How to reset Tibco default user ID and pwd?

Volker Scheithauer

Hi Team,


I might have changed the default password during install, and can't remeber it. How can I reset the default user / pwd of Tibco Active Matrix?


Regards, V.

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    Jijil Ghosh



    If the EMS admin password has been lost, it is easy to recover. In EMS  all local users and their passwords stored in the users.conf file by default. You can find correct file in the tibemsd.conf:
    users                   =  "C:/tibco/tibco/cfgmgmt/ems/data/users.conf"


    In the users.conf find admin user:
    and remove encrypted password between colons:

    Then restart EMS daemon. Connect to your EMS using EMS Administration  Tool and login as admin without password:
    > connect
    Login name (admin):
    Connected to: tcp://localhost:7222

    Then set a new password for admin:
    tcp://localhost:7222> set password admin 123
    Password of user 'admin' has been modified

    If you manage EMS in the TIBCO Administrator, then you need to change  EMS admin password there. Start TIBCO DomainUtility,  select “TIBCO EMS Plugin”, “Update TIBCO EMS Server”, press “Next”.  Select domain and enter domain (not EMS!) admin user name and password.  Select EMS server to update, and change EMS password there, test  connection on the next screen and press “Next” to save new  configuration.


    for further you can refer...http://tibcoadmin.com/tibco/ems/how-to-reset-tibco-ems-administrator-password/




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    Volker Scheithauer

    Thanks for the quick response. The users.conf contains no password for admin, it looks like this: admin::Administrator.

    We have Tibco installed on a ITSM / CMDB machine to host the CMDB WS.


    If I try to login with admin and no password, I'm getting an error message.


    Selecting this link from the menu:

    D:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\wsc\tibco\amxadministrator\data\bootstrap.html


    opens the explorer and shows that I have Atrium WS available. If I click on the link, I get the logon page for Tibco ActiveMatrix.


    Any suggestions on how to fix it?



    The login for EMS is working:

    tcp://localhost:7222> info
    Server:                   EMS-SERVER (version: 5.0.0 V28)
    Process Id:               824
    State:                    active
    Topics:                   5 (0 dynamic, 0 temporary)
    Queues:                   7 (0 dynamic, 1 temporary)
    Connections:              1
    Sessions:                 1
    Producers:                1
    Consumers:                1
    Durables:                 0
    Pending Messages:         0
    Pending Message Size:     0.0 Kb
    Message Memory Usage:     9.5 Kb out of 512MB
    Message Memory Pooled:    34.0 Kb
    Synchronous Storage:      7.5 Kb
    Asynchronous Storage:     2.1 Kb
    Fsync for Sync Storage:   disabled
    Inbound Message Rate:     0 msgs/sec,  0.0 Kb per second
    Outbound Message Rate:    0 msgs/sec,  0.0 Kb per second
    Disk Read Rate:           0.0 Kb per second
    Disk Write Rate:          0.0 Kb per second
    Uptime:                   22 days 11 hours 21 minutes


    So it's my ActiveMatrix account I'm concerned about ....


    Regards, V.