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    Creating KAs from word docs



      in order to avoid the use of attachments, I'd like to have some guidance in creating knowledge articles from word files.


      For example, word could save docs as HTML.


      Specifically, I would need to preserve formatting (fonts, character sizes), chapters, numberings and embedded pictures.


      Thanks for your advice.



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          Yes you can create RKM xml from word docs.  Typically you will want to programatically convert the word docs to HTML then run a custom program that executes the RKM_Convert utility against your HTML files.

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            Hi Alan,


            thank you for this information.


            Can you specify what is the "custom program" you mention?


            I'm a "simple" enduser of RKM without access to the system or database layer (external hosting company), so I believe that I would need to request this to them, or is this a program I can run on my personal PC?






            BTW: I found that a simply copy/paste from word into the RKM editor already preserves a lot of formatting, but I'm still struggling with embedded content such as pictures (often screenshots).

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              Alan has a lot of great knowledge and experience with the system.


              One other solution that I have found, as I have 11,000 self-help documents, so really needed a way to put it

              all in database format for analytics, mass updates, document updates, is to use Chilkat's XML ActiveX object/library.


              It traverses the documents very easily, and not only have I been able to perform updates to any field in the document,

              but create/insert additional structures into the document.  Have also used it to write some scripts that create documents

              from other resources.


              The RKMConvert utility is good for creating new documents, but we had additonal requirements for maintenance of those

              documents, and this ActiveX object has made the coding/scripting much easier, and more robust than the usual MSXML Dom

              or other MS libraries.