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    Adding new Data Source

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      HI Friends,


      SLM 7.1


      I want to add new "Data Source" fo availability SLA. I have a doubt regarding "Field as Unique Identifier"


      SLM config guide page 34 states:


      Select the Field As Unique Identifier.

      You can select a Unique ID field from the application form. This is important

      because some filters are created using the Unique Identifier fields to find a

      match for the submit or modify measurement record, when you submit or

      modify an entry in the Application Form.




      This field must have the same value for the source and destination server as the

      Data Source/ App Form for the export and import functions to work. It only

      applies to the type of service target that uses an AR System Application form.


      Can somebody help me to understand this. Also what would be the steps I need to take other than specified in the guide to crate a new data source?Do I need to click on "Create Fields" and Crete Filters"?








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          Jijil Gopalan



          In order to achieve this you need to follow the steps mentioned below;


          1) Configure data source. for this you need to fill up the necessary fields metioned below:

          Data Source / App form : <Your form name>

          Data Source Display as : <this how your data source should display when you are creating a Service targets>

          Data Source instance ID: <this will automatically fetches>

          Data Source Type         : <AR system Application form>

          Field As Unique Identifier: InstanceID


          This is under basic tab.

          Under request-based tab you need to enter the Start time for request based SVTs : <Reported Date> this is meant for the SLA to initials its service target.


          MSP: make it no.



          Qualification builder form : HPD:HPDSLM:Qualbuilder

          same as incident


          Once you finished all these above mentioned field click on Create field and then click on Create filter.


          Then open the form called Configure SLA Goal Types

          Display Label : <incident repsonse time>  this is an example this is name which appear when you create the service target asking whether the ST is for response or for resolution.


          Goal Type: <Request-based>

          Status* : <Active>


          Thus you can achieve your service target.




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            Mohammad Rehman

            Hi Jijil Gopalan,


            Sorry for bumping up the old thread. Can we add multiple data source on the same form with different field selection in start time request-based SVTs field and Reset Goal for the same request qualification?  I see OOTB request-based start time SVTs field is Reported Date+, I need to use different field and different qualification for reset the goal for the same request.

            What would be the right approach to handle such requirements?


            Thanks in advance for the time and help.


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              Jijil Gopalan

              Hi Mohammad,

              I believe we cannot add multiple data source with the same form name because when we try to select the same form (for e.g. HPD:Help Desk) this form name won't be appear in the Data Source/App Form* list.


              Regarding the OOTB SVT Field we can change it to custom field instead of Reported Date+ we can add our custom field name but this will reflect for all the Incident related SLA's, orelse you can write some custom qualification to achieve this for e.g., as per below screenshot.





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