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    Creating and IP Address Pool in ARS

    Jon Thomas
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      I am trying to create an IP address pool in ARS, but I'm struggling to determine the best way to implement this functionality.  Currently, I have an AR Form called IP_Pool, which contains 4 fields (ID [auto-increment], Customer[integer], IP Address [string], Status[enum Available/In-Use]).  I am trying to figure out how I can update a single entry (ex. limit 1) with the status of 'In-Use'.  Also, it needs to be in a single transaction to prevent mulitple users from questing the same IP address.


      This would be something similiar to the following MySQL syntax: update IP_Pool set Status='In-Use', Customer='001234' where Status = 'Available' limit 1;


      Is this possible in ARS?  Do you have any suggestions?


      Thank you for your help!