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    Email engine notification


      I have installed BMC Remedy AR System on a UNIX - Solaris 10 server. The installation process went smoothly and successfully without any error. However, I am facing a problem with nofication using the email engine. When I try to send a message using the Email Messages form, the message is sent without any error. The problem is that the messages are not delivered to their destination.

      The email account is not dedicated to AR system only, we are using the same account for another application that is installed with the AR system. However, the email is delivered from the other application  but not from email engine.

      I have checked the firewall and the antivirus application installed and everything is okay. Any suggesting why the email are not being send by the email engine?


      thanks in advance


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          Fred Grooms

          Are there any error messages in the AR System Email Error Logs form for the messages you are trying to send?


          If Remedy is saying it is sending the email without problems the next step is usually to check with (or look in) the email server to trace where the emails are going.

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            Actually, I am not getting any error message when I try to send a test email from the AR System Message Form. Also, the AR System Email Error Logs doesn't show any error. When I submit a test email I only see the request in AR System Email Messages form and shows a value of "Yes" for the Send Message column,but Date Sent column is empty.

            To clarrify the situation more, I have  an AR server that is installed with an NMS (Network Mangement System) application within it. The two systems are installed in two different server and the same email account is used for both application. The NMS application is sending notification, but the AR System is not.

            I have checked the mail server and there is no problems. I can ping the mail server and I connect (telnet) to it with any error. I have noticed that in the ARSystemdir/AREmail/Logs directory the stdout.log and stderr.log doesn't exists. Is this considered a problem? I can't check if the email engine is connecting to the AR server.

            Your help is highly appreciated


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              I take it you have configured an 'Outgoing' mailbox in the 'AR System Email Mailbox Configuration' form ?

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                yes, I have configured the "Outgoing" mailbox.


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                  Hey Rock,


                  If your messages are sitting in your AR System Email Messages form with the  'Send Message' value = Yes, looks to me like the email engine is not running. Normally a processed message would either have the value='Sent', and only if you have set the mail engine to retain sent mail - by deafult a processed message is deleted.


                  I'd double check that the email engine process is actually running.

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                    I have restarted the AR Server, at the end of the initaition process it is mentioned that the Email Engine is started up. I have also ran the Email Engine manually (emaild.sh script) and got a message telling me that the Email Engine is already running.

                    What about the connection between AR server and Email engine? The stdout.log and stderr.log are not exist in order to examine if the email engine is connected to AR Server (as mentioned in Email Engine Guide). How I can fix this??



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                      OK, lets first get some basics here.


                      You've tried to run ./email.sh start and recieved a message saying that the email engine is already running -> good. That means that there are no errors in the armonitor script which will be causing the email engine to fail on start up.


                      You could also do a ps -ef|grep aremaild , and chances are that will be a process running for the engine.

                      AR monitor will restart the email engine if it dies, if this is correct.


                      You asked about the connection AR Server to Email Engine. In short there isn't one per se, AR system uses the email binaries to send messages via sendmail process, thats all.



                      As for logging, there should be a logs directory under the install directory of the AR system,




                      Have a look at the emaild.sh_log file, see if that casts any light on the issue. 


                      Make sure that the AR System Email Mailbox configuration has an outgoing mailbox entry configured and it is default, and enabled. 

                      Make sure that the Messages in your AR System Email Messages form are pointing to that mailbox.


                      You've said that you can telnet to the mail server.. so I wouldn't think that there is any network/firewall issue.  

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                        It could also be that the Application Service Password is incorrect - follow steps as per p209 / 210 of the email guide.

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                          Hi again,

                          first, I want to thank you for you replies.

                          Now, I have checked all points that you have mentioned and none of these points is causing any problem. In other words, the email engine process is working fine, the emaild.sh_log file is not showing any error, and the mailbox is enabled and set as default.

                          Two days ago, I have sent many test emails to mail email account and i have received all of them today. There were two days delay.Now, the status of the Message Send colums is "Sent" and the Date column is not empty.

                          Is there any other suggesstion? Is this issue caused by the Email Engine or I have to look at the mail server?

                          Best regards,


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                            Glad to hear that they are finally coming through. That's progress.


                            As we said earlier, if the value in the Send Message = Yes, the emails haven't been processed yet( i.e. passed to sendmail to even get to the Mail Server).  If the email engine is not processing quickly enough, check the polling interval on the AR System Mailbox configuration as a starting point.


                            If the records are processed (i.e Send Message changes to 'Sent' reasonably quickly) but don't reach the recipient for a while, then check the mail server isn't queuing somehow.


                            Hope this helps.


                            Please let us know how you get on , don't forget to mark this as "Answered" when you get it all going smothly.





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                              The polling interval of the Mailbox is set to 10 and the messages are not processed immediately.



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                                So that means ~10 minutes after the entry is created in the Email Messages form, the record will be processed. Would there be any issue in lowering this interval for testing purposes?

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                                  I have changed the polling interval to 1 minute and it seems that the problem is with the email daemon. The emaild.sh is not automatically running and I have to run it manually. When running the emaild.sh script all the emails are sent. It also seems that the armonitor process is not able to start the emaild.sh script. As a temporary solution, I had to create a crontab that runs the emaild.sh script every 5 minutes. But still not able to figure out why this email daemon is not able to start automatically. Any suggestions?

                                  Thanks again


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                                    Thats good, at least you know that there is nothing too far amiss.


                                    Adding to the crontab is, as you say a temporary/workaround solution, sadly I can't take this further with you easily.


                                    I would suggest that you check the armonitor script and arsystem start scripts to ensure that the engine is actually invoked when AR System Server is started.


                                    If you can run the emailstart.sh script from the command line and it executes without error (hence processing of email entries begins), it sounds to me as if it's not being called by its predecessors.


                                    It may be a case of adding it to the startup scripts to finally solve your issue.