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    Scapa or Silk Perfomer for Load Testing Remedy ARS



      I want to perform load testing and Stress testing on ITSM user tool and Web version of the same.


      1) Which tool is preferred, Scapa or Silk Perfomer.

      2)How recording is different in Silk Perf as compared to Scapa?

      3) As Silk Perfomer uses Back Channel API for recording, which technology is used by Scapa and how it is different or better/ not than used by Silk.?

      4) Scripting can be easily modified in Silk Perf or Scapa?


      Can anyone helpme clarify on the same.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Venkat Maddala

          Hi there,


          1. BMC uses Scapa for the internal testing of ITSM tool, and they prefer it over other performance testing tools.

          2. The layer in which the load is measured is different from tool to tool.

          3. Scappa uses C/Java API's and HTTP and HTTPS for automated testing

          4. Scripting is not impossible in both


          Read this for more info on testing tools used in remedy





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            Just to clarify, both Scapa and SilkPerformer have been used internally within BMC.


            15-Oct-2006(White Paper) Sizing and Capacity Planning for BMC Remedy IT Service Management 7.0 and BMC Atrium CMDB 2.0PDF


            "Load testing of online users was done with two toolsets: SilkPerformer from
            Segue, and Scapa Test from Scapa Technologies Limited. Both companies
            have collaborated with BMC to provide specific functionality to allow more
            effective driving of the BMC Remedy based product set. Silk Performer
            allows users to simulate web-based users using AR server mid-tier. The midtier
            is driven through a higher level of abstraction than http, called the backchannel
            APIs of the mid-tier. Using this technology allowed BMC to create
            load testing scripts that are more concise than those that replay pure HTTP.


            The Scapa Test and Performance Platform also has specific functionality
            related to AR System, and allows the capture and replay of AR System APIs.
            This serves to simulate users accessing AR System based applications through
            the User Tool. This also allows load testing without needing to model the
            mid-tier of a configuration, which then can be evaluated in separate load




            David J. Easter
            Product Line Manager
            Remedy Action Request System
            BMC Software, Inc.

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              Shomit Mitra

              Hi NT,

                  One needs to answer the follwing questions while implementing performance testing for your ITSM applications


              1.Why performance testing is necessary for ITSM Products?
              2. How toapproach Performance Testing?
              3. What are the challenges involvedand which tools could be used for conducting Performance Testing?

              I hope the below pasted resources would be useful for you

              Performance Testing Challenges for ITSM Products (http://www.vyomlabs.com/resources/webinars/performance-testing-challenges-for-itsm-products/)


              With Regards


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                Hi NT,


                First of all if you want to do the load testing of ITSM User tool and Web Version then you can't use the tool called Silk Performer, because Silk Performer is only for Web Based Clients (Thin Client) . I used silk performer but never used the Scapa tool. But I heard that the Scapa tool is basically used for the load test of thick clients(User Tool).


                1. If you want to do the load test through mid tier I will suggest to go for Silk Performer (No Idea regarding Scapa).

                2. In Silk Performer you will get an option for recording which will capture all the API Back Channel call's request and response.

                3.No Idea regarding Scapa.

                4.Yes In Silk Performer you can easily change the script what we called is the parsing and parametrizing for making the script dynamic. There are some in built functions used for do that type of stuffs.



                I suggested according to my knowledge, If you have any query then feel free to ask me.