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    Multiple companies in 'Self Help'

    Yogesh Deshpande

      Hi All,

      I have my RKM working in the multi-tenant mode. I have configure a user in the people’s form and giving to Access permission to the company “X”(I have 3 more company, say A.B and C, also configured in my system)   and I uncheck the “Unrestricted Access” option. Now when this user login to RKM by clicking the link “Remedy Knowledge Management” and navigate to the “Browse” tab he can see only the company name “X” across the company field. But when the same user login to the self-help link and navigate to the “Browse” Tab hez able to see the company names “X,A,B,C”. But this should not be the case ideally. He should only see the company name “X” in the self-help link too rite? Could any1 assist me in this issue in order to resolve it.

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          Rakesh Jajper

          Hi Rahul,


          Please do the follwoing to enable multi-tenancy for RKM
          1 Open the KMS_config.xml file and locate the application element towards the top
          of the file.


          2 Add the multi-tenancy attribute and set it to Remedy.
          Your configuration file should look similar to the following example:
          <application debug=”false” multi-tenancy=”Remedy” log_level=”2”
          template=”” server =”” db=”” files=”true”>


          3 Locate the form attribute of the cti elements (operational and product) towards the
          middle of the file.


          4 Change the form attribute to AR7:Operational and AR7:Product.
          Your configuration file should look similar to the following example:
          <cti file=”KMS_catlist.xml” form=”AR7:Operational” label=”cti.Categories”
          label_type=”key” name=”CTI” type=”Remedy”>
          <cti file=”KMS_catlist.xml” form=”AR7:Product” label=”cti.Product”
          label_type=”key” name=”CTI” type=”Remedy”>


          5 Save the changes.


          6 Restart the web server.


          7 Run the RKMConvert utility.


          For more information you may refer RKM Administration Guide