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    How to deploy unlicensed agents

    Gerardo Bartoccini

      We asked the customer to do the agents deploy before the application server is in place. They are in charge for this, not us, and we want them to start ASAP, as we know they'll be slow, and we want to be ready once the appserver will be up and running.


      As we don't know the IP of the appserver yet, we told them to install agents with the default security files, which may turn into a security hole.


      What I'm thinking of at the moment, is to find a way to deploy unlicensed agents, so that nobody will be able to access those agents until we don't have the appserver in place and license them.


      Is that feasible? what I need is a command, or a script, or a file that will allow me to let the temporary license to expire at the very exact moment the agent starts up for the first time.