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"Provide a date and time" filter prompt on BSARA reports



When I create some custom reports in BSARA Query Studio, depending on what fields I pick, a filter prompt asking me to "Provide a date and a time" gets added automatically at the time of running the report. This prompt also appears when I run some of the built-in reports.



1. What exactly is it used for?

2. How can I prevent it from being added when I build a report in Query Studio?

3. Finally, how can I get it to be answered automatically with the current time and date when the report is scheduled. I know I can 'set' a value through the scheduling options, but then it would have to be a fixed date and time. Not knowing what it is used for, I don't know if I can do that.




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    Hayim NameToUpdate

    This behavior applies to inventory reports based on snapshot data, due to the fact that BSARA collects historical inventory data and you can ask to see inventory data in past dates. The default is current date, but the calendar appears to prompt the question. To avoid this behavior and always use current time:

    1. In the BSARA portal, locate the inventory report (for example Inventory Details).

    2. Click on More.. on the right side

    3. Click Set properties

    4. Go to the Reports tab

    5. Under Prompt values, click Set.

    6. Set the calendar to a date very far in the future, for example year 9999.

    7. Click ok.

    8. Remove the check box for "Prompt for values".

    9. Click ok, go back to the portal and run the report.


    This will work for scheduled reports as well.

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    Edwin Lindeman

    Anyway just to remove the Calendar prompt without having to go through those steps?