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    Gentoo Image Creation on x64 / AMD64

      I'm trying to create a Gentoo image, and it's bombing out. Based on my troubleshooting, I believe it won't work properly on x64 / AMD64 Linux variants.


      The mk2gen2img.sh script bombs out on the following line:



      I commented out the cleanup portion of the script, and found that "bash" and "bashrc" aren't there. Which would explain why it's crashing.


      Upon digging deeper into the problem, it appears that they are not there because many of the binaries are 32 bit dependent.


      Rather than invest a lot of time in getting it to work on 64bit, I just blew away my AMD64 machine and installed an x86 instance of RHEL4.


      To make a long story short, it worked fine under x86 RHEL4, but not x64.