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Unable to create an incident

Suma Bhat

I am trying to familiarize myself with the Incident Management Application.
I want to create a new Incident, but I cant.
I have filled out all the required fields, but still unable to save the incident.
The system complains that Incident ID must have a value,
but that text field is disabled and doesn't have any auto-generated id in it either.

How do I get around this problem ?


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    Alan Abrams

    The Incident ID field gets populated when you initiate a requester by pressing Enter on the First or Last Name field.

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    Suma Bhat


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    Suma Bhat

    Actually, I created a People entry, which populated teh Incident ID, then tried to submit the Incident and I get this message:


    No groups were found using automated routing. You need to manually select a group. (ARERR 44699)


    What groups is this message talking about ?

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    Alan Abrams

    As part of the configuration of ITSM (IM in this case) you have to create Assignment rules to have the application auto route incidents to the appropriate groups.  These fields are required which is why you're getting the error.  Since you did not set up any assignment routing rules, you'll need to manually pick an assignee group on the Assignment tab.

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    Tarek Al Talib



    I am currently evaluating ITSM 7.5 and have the same problem. I have created a new "People" record as user with the "Incident Submitter" permission group. Although I created a rule and selected proper categorization during incident creation, I still recive the same error massage and can't see assignment tab (or field).


    Note: I tested adding "Incidetn User" permission group and it works fine (assignment fields are shown as well).


    Thanks in advance.


    Best Regards,

    Tarek Y. Al Talib