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    How do I register for BMC Communities?


      To register and explore BMC Communities, please follow these instructions: 

      1. Create a BMC Communities login at https://communities.bmc.com/communities/login!input.jspa?registerOnly=true.
        NOTE:  User names must not contain spaces or the characters , / ? & #, and passwords  must contain at least six alphanumeric characters.
      2. Enter your email address, and click Confirm address.
        BMC partners must use their company (partner) email addresses, and BMC employees must use their BMC Software email addresses to ensure proper access.  
      3. Look for an email from forums@developer.bmc.com, and click  the link in that email to confirm your email address.
        A web page opens prompting you to create your account and profile.  
      4. Click the Create your account and profile link to open the registration form; then complete all  required fields on the Registration: Create your account screen.    
      5. Select the correct choice in the BMC Software Relationship menu  to ensure access to the proper forums and documents. For example:           
        • Partners must select BMC Software Partner/Alliance/ISV/Reseller.
        • BMC employees must select BMC Software Employee.
      6. Select the correct choice or choices in the BMC Communities Relationship menu.
        To select more than one choice, hold the Control key on the keyboard while selecting multiple items. All selections are verified before access is granted.  
      7. If  you want to receive important notices and other information of value, check Yes next to I allow BMC Software to send email to me.  
      8. Read the legal statements and check if you agree.
      9. Type the letters and numbers in the captcha graphic.
      10. Read the site terms and conditions, and check the box that you agree to these terms and conditions; then click the Continue button.  

        NOTE:  If the registration form redisplays, verify that all required fields have  been completed correctly and that the last two questions are marked Yes, I agree. Once  you have completed all the fields, click the Continue button again  to resubmit your registration form.                


      12. Ensure that you "whitelist" email from developer.bmc.com. The procedure  for whitelisting varies by email software and service provider. For  Outlook, please use the following instructions:
        A. Open the Actions->Junk E-mail->Junk E-mail Options menu.
        B. Select the Safe Senders tab, and click the Add button.
        C. Type @developer.bmc.com, and click OK twice.


      13. After  registering, you receive an email message to confirm registration. Click  the link provided in the email. 
        A page displays stating that your account is now activated.    
      14. Click the BMC Communities home page link and log on to the BMC Communities site with the Login link at the upper left  of the page.

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