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    PreCondition "FileWriteAllowed" failed - Name = "/

      I am deploying configuration files to windows servers. However, when I encounter a file that is read-only on the server, I get the followin error message and the files is not deployed: PreCondition "FileWriteAllowed" failed - Name = "/


      I have selected the option to overwirte read-only files in the job options. any thoughts?

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          This is still an issue to this day under 7.4.2; we are opening a ticket - hoepfully we'll get a response.



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            Bill Robinson

            what specific files are you trying to deploy?


            i know of a specific issue overwritting the boot.ini file, possibly others.


            a workaround is to use the 'attrib' command as an external command in your blpackage to unset the hidden bit on the file - i believe this is the cause.

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              We are deploying our own xml configuration file (which we need to leave hidden and read-only).


              I used external commands in the BLPackge that call attrib appropriately, but the error happens duirng the staging phase, before the external commands are run...





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                Is it the staging phase or the simulate phase? Try turning off the simulate phase. I've run into this issue before, where simulate fails as it sees the files on the target as read-only (as it isn't aware of what you are doing during the deployment). Does that work?

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                  I'm sorry, it is during the simulate phase; if I turn off simulate, it works!


                  How do I turn off the simulate phase for an auto-remediation job?





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                    I found this in the 7.4.3 User's Guide under Auto-Remediation:


                    This procedure provides a mechanism for customizing Deploy Job behavior for all Deploy Jobs that are created automatically when you remediate Compliance Job results. To accomplish this, you must create an instance of the DeployOptions built-in property class. The instance includes properties that control Deploy Job behavior. Set the value of each property according to your needs. (See the table below for a description of each property.) Then, when you run a Compliance Job, you must define a property called DEPLOY_OPTIONS_INSTANCE_FOR_REMEDIATION so that its value refers to the instance of the DeployOptions property class. After you run the Compliance Job and you remediate components that are not in compliance, either automatically or manually, the Deploy Jobs that are created use the settings you defined for the instance of the DeployOptions property class.


                    In the table it's referencing, there was this:





                    Enter True to enable the Simulate phase of the Deploy Job. The Simulate phase performs a dry run of a deployment without actually deploying a package. A dry run lets you review job results, see the server objects that are changed during

                    deployment, and determine what actions, if any, are causing the deployment to fail (that is, to generate a non-zero return code).

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                      Awesome; works the same way in 7.4.2.


                      It would also be nice to be able to apply a default DeployOptions instance to a particular Role.


                      I have a couple of asides regarding usability:


                      1) Since it is a Built-in Property Class, couldn't OM provide a customized UI for the DeployOptions instance that looks more like the UI on the Deploy Job?


                      2) Having to pre-create instances of complex properties (or Component Template Properties for that matter) is a pain.


                      You either open up multiple copies of OM so as not to interrupt your work or you end up moving back and forth through the UI a lot. At the very least, it would be nice to be able to get to the instance creation dialog from the place where it will be used (maybe add New as an option in the tree of instances?). Even better (at least in my opinion) would be to just expand the complex property and allow one to create an instance "on-the-fly" (NAME would have to be provided). If you want two things to share the same instance you would use the existing tree UI...