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      • 15. Re: AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
        Harald Kapferer

        Had a similar problem with patch 002.

        Installed it on my 7.5.1 Test system and was unable to start it again afterwards.

        It seemed that either some forms have been deleted from the database or something with the mapping in the arschema form has gone wrong.

        Got a lot of error messages about missing forms and needed to reinstall the server on a clean DB which worked fine.


        Seems that updating with the installer of patch 002 is not a good idea ;-)




        • 16. Re: AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems

          After demonstrating the same problem on another of our test systems - BMCs werent able to come up with a reason why this was happening and they were going to carry on analysing and see what the problem was. It seems that the upgrade hits some of the ITSM objects in the database and after that is unable to restart the service.


          In the end we rolled back and upgraded to ARS 7.5 Patch 001 instead. This seemed to work fine and I would advise anyone to steer well clear of ARS 7.5 Patch 002 at this stage ;-) if you are looking to upgrade a 7.1 Patch 006 windows server that contains the ITSM 7 apps.

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            Rick Cook

            I think I have a solution for this. It resolved the error on a 7.1 p7 installation.

            Environment is Windows 2003R2 on a VM ESX 3.5 platform.  Remote SQL 2005 DB.


            The conflicting group policy is “Disable DNS Client”, which sets the local DNS Client service to ‘disabled’.  The result of this policy is to disable the local DNS cache and force systems to refer to DNS servers for name resolution.  If the DNS Client service is stopped, the Remedy service will fail to start with the non-specific error 1064.  Create a group policy to enable the DNS client service and apply it to a new OU containing the Remedy server computer account.

            • 18. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
              Jason Miller

              Hi Carl,


              Did you ever find a solution or known issue not around not being able to upgrade an existing database?


              We have an ARS 7.5 patch 5 / ITSM 7.6 p1 server that we are trying to update to ARS 7.6.04 and ITSM 7.6.04.  We have tried the installer for ARS 7.5 p6, 7.6.03, 7.6.04 and 7.6.04 SP1.  None of these give us the upgrade option.  For giggles we deleted the ARSystemInstallingConfiguration.xml in the user's profile directory but still no prompt to upgrade, only overwrite.




              • 19. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                Jason Miller

                We were able to get the 7.5 p6 installer to run with the Upgrade option now but the that didn't help with 7.6.03/04.  There is still no Upgrade option for these installers.

                • 20. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                  Jason Miller

                  We figured it out.  For those who may run into this in the future, we had to set the ARAdmin db password back to the documented default.


                  The installer must have been authenticating with the previous password because if we put in a bad password it would throw an error and not let us continue.  However once we change it back to the default it works as expected.



                  • 21. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                    Ash Hall

                    I actually have the same issue at the moment using the 7.6.04 SP3 installer on a 7.6.04 SP2 (preconfigured stack built), unfortunately it would appear that this issue still exists even in current installer applications.


                    I hope to find resolution shortly and will post the solution here.

                    • 22. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                      Laurent Matheo

                      I'm not sure you can actually "upgrade" SSI with separate products so perhaps it's "just" an issue with SSI + ARS in your case?

                      • 23. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                        Ash Hall

                        I wouldn't think so, a Stack that you can't ever upgrade would be rather pointless and a very poor design decision!

                        • 24. Re: AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                          Laurent Matheo

                          In my (own) opinion, SSI itself IS pointless


                          I made several upgrades from 7.6.04 (with / without sp) to 7.6.04 sp3 and never had this issue, that's why I was asking.




                          Can you give more details about your issue?

                          • 25. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                            Ash Hall

                            I do agree in part, although the SSI is useful to get an environment up and running quickly, whether or review, test or development purposes. 2 hours of installation is far better than 6-8!!


                            Basically the installation routine detects the correct DB name (ARSystem-Sandbox) and proceeds to ask for SA credentials, after which the installer reports:


                            "The database ARSystem-Sandbox already exists and will be overwritten during installation. Click Next to proceed."


                            I have tried clearing all temporary installation files, as well as resetting the ARAdmin password to the default, but still no joy!

                            • 26. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                              Laurent Matheo

                              Ok but what is the error?

                              • 27. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                                Ash Hall

                                Well this is an upgrade, not a fresh install - if I continue past this warning, I'll end up with an empty DB!!

                                • 28. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                                  Laurent Matheo

                                  This means you can't upgrade SSI installation...

                                  • 29. AR System 7.5 Patch 002 problems
                                    Jason Miller

                                    Correct, the way I understand the SSI is is meant to quickly create a non production environment.  The SSI cannot be used to upgrade an existing environment and it is not advisable to use the SSI to build a production environment (because it installes all language packs/views which is unnecessary overhead in most environments).


                                    The SSI is not pointlesss as long as it is used in the context it was designed for.  It is ideal if you want to create a quick demo environment; for beta testing, any type of mock system that won't typically have a long lifespan.  There are some limitations on what can be done because of how the SSI works.  The reason the SSI is so quick and why you can't upgrade is because it does a db restore of a db that was built inhouse by BMC (probably by running the individual installers, slightly configured and then run through QA).


                                    Now do we want a SSI type installer that does more?  Absolutely!  It would be great if there was a single installer that could look at the products installed and upgrade all or allow you to select which ones (I am afraid of how long the installer would take though).


                                    It would be nice if there was an option in the current SSI to not install all language packs.  The only way I can see this happening in the current model would be to have two different downloads, one has a db with all languages and one does not.  But now do you need a download for each language for a single language install?  Sounds like a lot of maintenance.