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    How do you monitor Remedy service?

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      We'd like to set up automatic monitoring processes via cron to see if various components are running properly. One idea is to check the mid-tier login to see if someone can log in successfully, which emcompasses the most critical components such as core Remedy, Apache, Mid-tier (Tomcat) and IAMS. I tried the 'curl' command to see if it is achievable, but it turned out to be not simple as the login page contains javascripts.


      I wonder if someone managed to establish this kind of monitoring process that goes through the mid-tier. I appreciate if you can shed light on this.


      The other option is to check each component separately, which is easier, eg,


      - core Remedy - use ARSperl or Java API

      - Apache - curl or similar

      - Tomcat - curl or similar

      (- IAMs - ldapsearch)