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    Which BMC customers are actively driving Cloud initiatives?

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      I am looking for information on how BMC customers are actively driving cloud initiatives.


      - Are there examples of early adopters who have used BMC solutions to enable and/or manage a cloud environments?

      - Which customers are establishing and deploying prvate clouds - orchestrated, provisioned, monitored and managed using BMC solutions?


      We would love to hear from any BMC customers addressing cloud initiatives. This forum will be an ideal place to share experiences.


      I have to declare my interest - I work in BMC's customer reference programme - http://www.bmc.com/customers/customer-connect-program - We are actively seeking more information on customer initiatives in this area.


      If you are a customer, or know of some great customer examples - please respond to this discussion thread.

      We look forward to learning more about how our customers are embarking on cloud initiatives


      Many thanks