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    Uninstalling the Tuner

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      What is the best and easiets way to COMPLETLY remove the Tuner from an endpoint?


      I've had a look at http://communities.bmc.com/communities/thread/31268 but I dont have an idea what they are saying or how/where to execute this


      Thanking you in advance...

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          Paul Seager-Smith

          This depends whether you are trying to do it remotely or locally on the machine. Locally, add/remove programs is the easiest way.


          You can automate this by looking for the uninstall string in the following registry key:




          The location of the uninstall string in here varies according to tuner version. From 7.5, there is an entry here called:


          BMC Configuration Automation for Clients


          For older M7 versions, you will probably have to search through the GUIDs (the wonderful alphanumeric strings in curly brackets!), until you find one that corresponds to the tuner.


          Once you have this, you need to look inside to find the UninstallString key. On my 7.5 test system, it is


          "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BCA-Clients\UninstallBMCBCAC\uninstall.exe"


          On older version it will probably be


          msiexec.exe /{GUID} /qn /noreboot


          the /qn makes it a quiet uninstall with no questions.


          The GUID can vary between tuner versions, so beware.


          Once you have this string you can run a batch script to do the remove locally or remotely.





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            Thanks Paul,


            I got this string, and it matches what you said:

            "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BCA-Clients\UninstallBMCBCAC\uninstall.exe"


            How do I execute a batch remotely on multiple machines?

                 Would I need to create this batch as a package and create a policy?

            Is there a switch/parameter I can use to uninstall this silently?


            Thanking you in advance...

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              Paul Seager-Smith

              Yes, I would create a simple package with a postinstall script in it. Make sure you set the options to run the script detached from the tuner and for it not to wait for the script to return. I would also add a small delay in the script and shut down the service and then call this uninstall string afterwards.


              I haven't run the uninstall on 7.5, so am not sure on the silent options for this. I would try running the script by hand with /? Or /h as an argument and see if this lets you know the silent options.





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                Young So



                You could do the uninstall by login script or using psexec to execute the uninstall.  If the user and computer are part of the domain, use the login script and membership to target the users to remove the tuner.  This would be done with batch file to keep it simple.  The with /qn is the silent switch for MSI engine.  Now, it depends on how you installed the tuner too.  If you installed the tuner using different installer engine, then the switch would be different.

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