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Birds Of a Feather (BoF) Groups in Communities

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BoF = Birds Of a Feather


When responding to William Clary's reply to Bring back the option to buy "bare" or "plain" ARS Server without any apps it made me think "I wish there was a place customers with home grown applications could talk shop and share the things we are building." I would love to see other people's applications as well as share what my team has built.


A Bit Remedy Specific

Pre-built ITSM has taken much of the market but there are still some of us out here doing custom development (Fred Grooms, William Clary, LJ LongWing, Todd Arner, Theo Fondse, oh Rick Westbrock also has some custom apps mixed with ITSM ). These are a few people I know personally or remember from the ARSList but I know there are more. Largely the conversation is about ITSM on the ARSList and here in the Communities. Aside from those I mentioned I don't know who is doing custom development anymore.


Of course we could post to BMC Remedy AR System but I wonder if having dedicated place to discuss custom development would foster more interaction? I truly don't know and is why I am floating the Idea here.


Not So Remedy Specific

I am thinking in terms for Remedy but I am sure there are topics in other BMC products that would attract BoF members. In reality the local users groups here on the Communities are a type of BoF, just regionally-based vs. what they are doing with a product.


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