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Smart IT: Add "Create related request" functionality

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(This was initially posted by Thomas Hammer as a discussion here)


In the Mid-Tier Best-Practice-View a new object AND a relation to it can be created by the following function.



In an existing incident you can create a new incident or a new change request and related it to the existing one. In addition selected information is passed along to the new object. This is a highlight for IT-Users and it is saving so much time.


It would be good if this feature could also be implemented in Smart IT. One should be able to create a new object from an existing one without having to re-enter all of the information (like requester-info, etc.).


This seamless integration between the modules/applications has always been one of the advantages of the BMC products compared to other vendors. This integration has been pointed out and presented in countless (pre-)sales demonstrations.


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