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Ability to create Multi Select Pick list fields on service request just like Salesforce multi select picklists. No need to press "Ctrl" key & ability to resize the list

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1) Please provide ability to create pick list values on service requests just like Salesforce. We have large multi select pick lists and user has ti click Ctrl and scroll down. These are prone to errors and can break approvals and task invocation .These are not user friendly for multiple values/large values selection.


Also loading data is manual. You have to type values one by one.


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2)Ashli Foust -  it would also be helpful for the boxes to be expandable. If you have 300 applications and need to select more than 5, even adding the ability to move them into the 'selected' box, though definitely a huge improvement, still requires a LOT of scrolling, which isn't ideal. Having the boxes be resizable/expandable would make this more user-friendly.






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